MinistryGuardian the first line of defense in guarding your ministry.  Complete background checks for your ministry volunteers and staff.  Better to be safe now then sorry later!

Guard your ministry by pre screening volunteers and staff

Why Do Pre-screening?
    MinistryGuardian exists to prevent what is recorded in the following articles by exposing any known information on those who have contact with the children and people of your ministry.  Once they are in the door and serving the damage may already be done.  Not only do you have a peace of mind having done all you can to guard your ministry you also have done your due diligence legally covering your bases.
Unfortunately this is the world we live in and we want to do our part in helping you guard your ministry.
A New York man filed a lawsuit Tuesday alleging that he was sexually abused at a Bronx church in the 1960s by a priest who went on to become abbot of a Minnesota monastery and helped found an institute to deal with clergy sexual abuse

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A New Hampshire man was found guilty Friday of forcibly raping and impregnating his children's 15-year-old baby sitter, who belonged to the same church, more than a decade ago

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Lawsuits brought by four young men who accused a Georgia megachurch pastor of sexual misconduct have been resolved, attorneys for both sides said Thursday, bringing a quiet end to a blockbuster legal complaint that targeted a powerful national religious lead

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Guarding your ministry through pre-screening.
    MinistryGuardian offers a complete line of background screening services from the basic to the most complete.  We can tailor a package to meet your ministry and financial needs.  We will meet or beat the price of any other!

Guarding your ministry's time.
also puts a value on your time.  Once set up you will have instant access to the information you are looking for.  No overnight wait. Your answer is available immediately after you request it.
Call us today!  It is never too late, there is to much at stake.  Whether you are a church or school or a volunteer organization we want to help you guard your ministry.
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