MinistryGuardian the first line of defense in guarding your ministry.  Complete background checks for your ministry volunteers and staff.  Better to be safe now then sorry later!

Who Are We?

MinistryGuardian exists to provide a service to ministries to help them through the information gathering process to guard what they have been entrusted with. 

MinistryGuardian is an arm of the USA Credit Bureau.  USA Credit Bureau has been a leader in the information business for over 30 years.  We have been in business since 1979, located in Crystal River, Florida for most of those years.  We recently relocated down the road in Homosassa, Forida.

Along the way we have grown into a role where we have been given the opportunity to meet the needs of businesses and individuals nationally and locally.  We take the trust we have earned from our customers seriously and look forward to many years of growth.

MinistryGuardian has been birthed from the heart of those who have been in ministry and a desire to offer a service to help guard the things that are most precious, the children and people entrusted to those ministries.

USA Credit Bureau
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